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  1. Alice Efland says:

    Hi Dr. Belger,

    I came across your website completely on accident but what you are doing, would be a bit of a dream job for me. I have been crossfitting for about 2 years now, while finishing my PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology and working full time. I have been wondering if there is a way I can incorporate my passion for Crossfit and my knowledge base in Sport and Exercise Psychology to make a career of it. I was wondering if you are looking for more individuals to become involved with psychology WOD.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. (and thank you for focusing on what I believe to me an extremely important component of fitness. The mental game!)

  2. Phillip Blacha says:

    Hey Dr. Belger,

    I am currently in my Master’s program of Kinesiology at Georgia Regents University. I am currently taking a Sports Psychology course and part of the course we are suppose to write a “self-help” for individuals in a certain area. Since my passion is Crossfit, I chose to write my help on others who are in Crossfit or competing in Crossfit. If you had any information that involves goal setting or confidence that would be greatly appreciated. I will be more than welcome to source everything and send you a copy as soon as I complete it.

    Thank you,

    Phillip Blacha

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