I created psychologywod.com so that I’d have a place to post original content about the psychological, emotional, and social aspects relevant to intense exercise or other physical and competitive endeavors. Most of what will happen on this blog, including articles, videos, and pictures, will have some relationship to CrossFit, a functional fitness program that is now also a competitive sport. However, there will be something here for you even if you do not do CrossFit.  Psychologywod.com is a forum where people will be challenged and inspired toward self-reflection and will find ways to make their lives more meaningful. It is a resource for people to learn about sports performance enhancement and access tools to improve training.  Each contribution will refer in some way to a physical activity–following the adage that sport is a microcosm of life–but there will always be a connection to our lives lived outside of such activity.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “WOD,” it stands for Workout of the Day and was coined on the CrossFit.com website. CrossFitters worldwide refer to their workouts as WOD’s. Kelly Starrett of Mobilitywod.com paved the way in his use of WOD as an extension of the CrossFit version. A good friend and mentor, Kelly has had a large role in inspiring me to pursue pyschologywod.com. If you want to increase your physical mobility, flexibility, and tissue health, head to Kelly’s blog. Psychologywod.com is all about increasing those same things in the psychological senses of the words. Enjoy!

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