Dr. Allison Belger



I grew up in a suburb of New York City. I was an active, athletic kid and was introduced early on to the pleasures and rigors of training and competing in sports. I played soccer in college, and during my twenties I ran marathons, went on extreme outdoor adventure trips, and ran the trails throughout Marin County for kicks. In 2007, my husband, TJ (then owner of a personal training facility) discovered CrossFit, a functional fitness program combining weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular training. I was soon hooked, despite an absolute aversion to lifting heavy barbells.  Having been a competitive athlete for most of my life, engaging in CrossFit as a sport was a natural next step for me.  I had the privilege of competing at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 CrossFit Games as part of the TJ’s Gym affiliate team.  I have competed in a number of Masters events, with highlights being first-place finishes in the NorCal 40’s 2012 and the NorCal Masters 2013 40-44 division.  I am currently enjoying a break from training, working out for fun and fitness, and embracing opportunities to spend more time focusing on other aspects of my life.
Like so many people, I juggle a number of roles in my life.  I am co-owner of four TJ’s Gym/CrossFit affiliates in the San Francisco Bay Area. I run the operations of our family business, a job that allows me the flexibility to also be a hands-on mom to our two young daughters. Also a licensed psychologist, I’ve particularly enjoyed growing my two career paths together, combining my work in psychology with my work as a fitness coach and business owner in the health and wellness field. I was so inspired by the remarkable changes in people’s lives that were happening within the walls of our gyms, that I wrote a book about the importance and power of community.

I earned a BA from Dartmouth College, a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California.


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