A Brief Moment of Reflection from 10,000 Feet Up

I don’t usually post anything in between Sunday articles, but I’m compelled at the moment.  I just sat with my kids on the tarmac in an airplane at SFO for two hours, trying to get to NY to visit my parents.  Tomorrow, my husband and I will head off to Reebok in Canton, MA, where we will throw a really cool Masters fitness competition called the Nor’Easter Masters.  Those were two long hours with no air conditioning on a crowded plane on an unusually hot, muggy morning in San Francisco, after a long night of event planning.  Many of you know what it feels like to be grounded on an airplane like that, totally out of control of your destiny and frustrated by your helplessness. It got me thinking about how we all handle times in our lives when we have little or no control over our situation.  Do you get angry?  Whiny? Unfriendly?  Do you think of it as yet another example of how you’ve been wronged? Do you stew about the unacceptable incompetence of the mechanical staff of the airline and out in the world for that matter?  Or do you think of all of the ways the situation could be worse (plane crash, vomiting kids, earthquake-you name it).  Maybe you look at the two healthy kids sitting next to you, begging to turn on their iPads, and take note of how lucky you are.  Just another example of the mental game–the playing field is everywhere, so be ready.

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